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He loves me

Learning to let Jesus Love Me

I can't keep the tears from coming.  I'm trying to focus on the church bulletin in my hands, my pen in the other, the chair in front of me, ANYTHING to keep my mind off the insecurity I feel. It's a room full of cheerful voices, smiling faces, and laughter as we wait for the service to start, but my fear is the loudest noise I hear. I squeeze my husband's hand willing some of his courage to … Read More

family photo before our move

Well, I Declare…

Tomorrow I am headed to a writing conference in Dallas called Declare. Ha!  Writing??  What is that? :)  Last time I did that was Easter. Since then we have fixed up our house, finished our second year of homeschooling, put our house on the market, SOLD a house, attended a family reunion, searched and lost three houses in Houston, had a super fun summer soaking in time with family and friends, … Read More


Alive forever more! (Sixth Easter devotional)

Day Six Alive forever more!   "He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay." Matthew 28:6 Woohoo!  We have made it to the very last and best part of the Easter story!  Up from the grave He arose... Why is it such a big deal that Jesus rose from the grave?  Other than the obvious, of course...the miracle of being dead and then alive...but what … Read More