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Unlocking the Hearts of Your Children to Worship

  I'll never forget the first time Richard and I went to church together when we were dating.  I was super nervous. It was silly really, but I was wondering how each of us would respond during the music.  Will he raise his hands?  Will I? What if I get super emotional because of something the pastor says?  (I'm known to do that a little bit.) Should I hold his hand?  Should I not? … Read More

Cannon on the Hill

Keeping a Christ Centered Perspective

The beginning of a new school year feels much like New Year's to me.  A build up of anticipation of the season ahead, excitement of a fresh start, the setting of new goals, and a bucket full of hope to do things better this year. If you are anything like me, you have spent a good bit of time over the summer planning. School supplies. Check. Back to school shopping.  Check. Dental and … Read More

He loves me

Learning to let Jesus Love Me

I can't keep the tears from coming.  I'm trying to focus on the church bulletin in my hands, my pen in the other, the chair in front of me, ANYTHING to keep my mind off the insecurity I feel. It's a room full of cheerful voices, smiling faces, and laughter as we wait for the service to start, but my fear is the loudest noise I hear. I squeeze my husband's hand willing some of his courage to … Read More