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Music and DVDs to add to your Easter experience!

Our family loves music and loves to watch movies together. Music has impacted all of us.  My kids and I have learned Scripture, and hidden truths about God and who He says we are through the power of song.  It's just so easy too! While we're in the house working or playing, in the car driving, or purposefully having a time of family worship--music has become a way we relate to God and to each … Read More

Last Supper

The Last Supper (Third Easter devotional)

Five years ago my husband's family decided to have a "Peep Diorama" contest at our annual Easter egg hunt.  My husband really got into it and created this.  Can you tell which one is Judas? It is only fitting that I share this because we are delving into the story of the Last Supper in our third devotional as we journey to the cross!  (I actually broke this devotional up into two days with … Read More


Our Easter “Must Do’s” and Schedule Ideas

Easter is April 16th!   There are so many fun and great ideas out there to make Easter memorable. You and I cannot possibly do it ALL, nor do we need to overwhelm our kids with too much either. But it is important to take some time and GET INTENTIONAL about Easter--telling our kids the story of Jesus and inviting them into the new life they can have through His death and resurrection. We … Read More