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Creating the Habit of Giving Thanks

Poor Thanksgiving. He kind of gets the shaft when it comes to attention.  Halloween ends, and according to retail stores, Christmas begins. Thanksgiving and November seem to be overlooked at times or at least rushed so the Holiday season can begin. I think it is quite ironic where Thanksgiving falls in the calendar year.  It comes right before the season where our present culture pressures us … Read More

The Great Giveaway

And the Gift Goes on

Four years ago, a friend called me after the holidays. She wanted to know if I had any extra ornaments from our recent Jesse Tree ornament exchange.  She had a friend who needed them.  "She was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It is serious.  She wants to do the Jesse Tree with her kids...now." We quickly sounded the horn and collected a full set of ornaments, many which the moms had donated … Read More


Unlocking the Hearts of Your Children to Worship

  I'll never forget the first time Richard and I went to church together when we were dating.  I was super nervous. It was silly really, but I was wondering how each of us would respond during the music.  Will he raise his hands?  Will I? What if I get super emotional because of something the pastor says?  (I'm known to do that a little bit.) Should I hold his hand?  Should I not? … Read More