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The Jesse Tree AT A GLANCE:: The Root of Jesse to Jacob’s Ladder

It's here.  We've been planning, preparing, praying, and talking about it for weeks.  Now it's week One and Jesus says, "Come." Come hear my story.  Come remember with me.  Come worship. I am overjoyed that we are in this together.  I love the thought of hundreds of families all over the country each day telling the stories of Jesus.   This month, each week, I will be sharing … Read More


What’s in the Sacks?

First impressions can make quite an impact.  When introducing the Jesse Tree, we wanted our children to LOVE it, and want to do more.    Most nights we cuddle up on the couch in our jammies, turn the Christmas tree lights on, and listen to Daddy read the story.  On special nights, we might add hot chocolate to the mix. A few years ago, I decided to do something different.  I wanted to create … Read More

10 tips

10 Tips for an Awesome Jesse Tree Experience with Little Ones (FREE Printable)

On our first night to start the Jesse Tree four years ago, our little Jesse Tree came crashing down to the floor after our daughter decided it would be fun to look closer at all the ornaments.  After we swept up the broken balls, and hung back up the ornaments and decorations that could be saved, we tried again. Not even 2 minutes into the story, our son had to go to the bathroom.  We settled … Read More