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Jesse Tree AT A GLANCE :: Jonah Hides to Mary and Joseph

We have rounded the half-way point of the Jesse Tree and every day are inching closer to the pinnacle of the story--the keeping of a promise--Jesus. Only ten days until Christmas. Whether you have joined us this month from the beginning or just now are jumping into the Jesse Tree--welcome! It is not too late to take some time focusing on the true meaning of Christmas this season with your … Read More


Jesse Tree AT A GLANCE :: Joseph and His Coat to Elijah and the Big Fire

It's been one week of the Jesse Tree now--how's everyone doing? Maybe this was a week where you had time to carve out each day and tell the story.  OR maybe you were lucky to get in one or two stories.  Maybe you couldn't do anything this week. It's OKAY FRIEND.  Advent is not too far gone. No matter what your week and time look like, or how full or empty your plate is this season, God … Read More


The Jesse Tree AT A GLANCE:: The Root of Jesse to Jacob’s Ladder

It's here.  We've been planning, preparing, praying, and talking about it for weeks.  Now it's week One and Jesus says, "Come." Come hear my story.  Come remember with me.  Come worship. I am overjoyed that we are in this together.  I love the thought of hundreds of moms all over the country each day telling the stories of Jesus. This month, each week, I will be sharing with you a … Read More