Celebrate Holy Week (with simple activities for each day)

holyweekEaster week is upon us and in some cultures this week is called Holy Week…a week set apart to think, ponder, and worship Jesus for his death and resurrection.  I have had such an unexpected “busy” Easter season.  I had the best intentions of doing tons of meaningful activities for Easter, reading ALL these great books that tell the Easter story, and filling my home with crafts and delicious Easter treats.

I know over these past 40 plus days I have shared with you lots of Easter ideas.  Truth is….we have only done a few.  Over the past 5 years with my kids we have attempted and added a couple of new traditions or activities to our season that we wanted to try.  Realistically we could not do everything I have shared with you.  Nor could YOU…and this today is for those of us who may be approaching Easter week thinking, “Oh, it’s Easter.  Man, how that crept up on me.  I really wanted to do something special….and intentional but I haven’t.”  OR maybe your Easter season has been a bit like mine where I had the best intentions of “doing” some great new things only to have life and unexpected challenges keep me from having time and energy to do much of anything.

There’s still time my friends.  We have a whole week where we can spend a little bit of time each day thinking of Him and building up anticipation to the big day, Easter Sunday, when we remember Jesus conquering death and giving us a NEW life! 

So, let’s celebrate Holy Week.

Simple Day by Day activities for Holy Week:

Sunday–  Share with your kids that Jesus is the Servant King.  Tell them the story of Palm Sunday…Jesus riding through Jerusalem on a donkey.  Let the kids climb on Daddy’s back and ride around the house.  Wave a branch from a tree outside and lay down coats as they pretend to be King.palm branches

Monday–  Cuddle up on the couch and read your kids an Easter bookbook study

Tuesday–  Share the Jelly Bean Prayer with your kids.  Put some extra jelly beans in some ziplock bags and encourage them to share the jelly bean prayer with a friend that week.jellybean-prayer

Wednesday–  Spring clean the house!  Have the kids help you and while you are cleaning remind them that Jesus washes their sins away!Andrewcleaning

Thursday–  Have a picnic and share the Last Supper!  Have some juice and bread and tell your kids what they represent–Jesus’ blood that would be poured out on the cross and His body which would be broken for them.photo

Friday–Make a resurrection garden while remembering that Jesus died for your sins.  Place a toy figure as “Jesus” in the tomb.resgarden2

Saturday–  Make resurrection rolls!  Take a crescent roll, a big marshmallow, melted butter, and cinnamon and sugar to teach them the Easter story.  Prepare Jesus (marshamallow) for burial by rolling in the butter and cinnamon and sugar.  Wrap him in cloths (crescent roll), and lay him in the tomb (the oven).  When they are done, pretend an angel comes and rolls the stone away.  Take rolls out of oven, and you will see that Jesus (marshamallow) is not there!IMG_4709

Sunday–  Greet one another with “He is risen.  He is risen indeed!”  Take the figure out of the tomb from your resurrection garden on Friday, and let them find the empty tomb!

photo courtesy of Tabletop Truths

photo courtesy of Tabletop Truths

A dear friend of mine and mom to four grown children once encouraged me with this….She told me her kids don’t really remember the specifics of what all she did for them (like crafts, recipes, activities, stories) BUT they remember that she spent time with them, that she was present and engaged with them, and was making wonderful memories along the way.

So I leave you with this–No matter what we “do” with our kids for Easter, let us love them this week and by God’s grace point them to Him.

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    • Jacki Rucksdashel says

      Thanks Leslie! I so appreciate your encouragement to me to focus on what’s important with our kids (time, snuggles, intentional interaction) and not to get caught up so much in the presentation. Hard to do in our world today!

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